Mariya Takeuchi - Plastic Love (Extended club mix) (1985)

Niina Atsuko - Tonight My Love, from the album Windy Island (1985)

Kukikodan - Yasashisa (loose trans: tenderness) with live art by Kohei Yamashita, performed in the year of our lord 2010

Song is from the 2000 EP Yobigoe.

Google Translated blurb from the videographers… in short, this is audio mixing and performance genius. But read what they have to say about it:

Conjunction movie “Challenge ! Music recording using the linear PCM recorder ” SALON5 ~ 6 month number video .
By high- quality recording of 96kHz that can be at a great price , linear PCM recorder recently and is increasing popularity . It is the plan of this time it ‘s called Let’s the music recording full-fledged in the field using this .
It was received by the appearance cooperation , everyone pop rock band just released new album ” Shunshu of contraction ” and ” air Corporation ”
(note: attempted translation of the band’s name) . " If you leave you do not read a summary " from the same album songs . You can change the instrument has on the way , and playing or while walking , was please to devise a variety for recording . Thank you!

Now it is essential recording , but we have failed in various ways … actually .
Switch of ZOOM H4n which had you have to Yamazaki ‘s vocals would be replaced , big failure , had not been recorded properly first .
Vocal that comes to work in for it , … that fit down over the thing which was recorded separately at a later date . It used to test long-awaited , sorry !
The ” I ‘m scared because invisible recording” fine various failure …… it has there are many , is the valve of Hijikata ‘s advisors others, That’s what it is. There is also a fault that I face in just staff not familiar with the recording , but it was recorded with a lot of remorse for everything .

However , the potential of linear PCM recorder truly .
I think sound with a feeling of depth very whether that was not recorded .

Kukikodan - Lemon wo Kaou (loose trans: buying lemons), performed in the year of our lord 2010 (as found on the 1999 self-titled album)

Kukikodan - Tabi wo Shimasen ka (loose translation: won’t you take a trip?), year of our lord 2003

Kukikodan - Nan to naku Kyou no Tame ni (loose translation: somehow for today), year of our lord 2011

Haruomi Hosono & Tin Pan Alley - Hurricane Dorothy, from the album Tropical Dandy, year of our lord 1975

I really want this to be the Space Dandy ending theme

Haruomi Hosono - SFX, year of our lord 1984

Yellow Magic Orchestra’s 1984 film A YMO Propaganda.

Yellow Magic Orchestra performing Technopolis and going straight into Rydeen. Year of our lord 1983.